Futura Connect

The Futura Connect is a multifunctional hub ( transmitter ) that interfaces the Futura to external devices such as a PC or a bioreactor control system. It provides USB, Modbus and Current Loop (Analog) connections which allows the user to connect the Futura’s signals to any bioreactor control system so that the Futura is fully integrated with your process system.

The Futura Connect hubs are available in one, four and eight channel models and now with the introduction of the new Connect xtra single channel – a wide selection of alternative communication outputs are now available to choose from, giving greater flexibility in how you configure your system.

Futura Connect xtra

Futura Connect xtra

For use with one FUTURA and one bioreactor.
The FUTURA CONNECT provides power and communications to the FUTURA


  • Connects Aber’s FUTURA equipment to a PC via a USB 2.0 port.
  • Choose the most appropriate communication type (See Anybus module options)

Technical specifications

Part No.Description
2815-00Futura Connect Xtra

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