If you stop and think about brewing, it’s a branch of biotechnology. Whether you ferment beer or enzymes, the base technology, considerations and objectives are similar. Culture management is critical to success.

The world’s leading industry standard ‘manufacturing ready’ yeast monitoring technology

Effective yeast management – the quest for the perfect pint.

Accurate yeast management in brewing is critical to success, and understanding how many live yeast cells are working for you is one of the most important variables.

Optimising yeast management in your process brings significant benefits including:

  • More predictable fermentations
  • A predictable final PG
  • Improved yeast health
  • Easier Yeast pitching
  • Faster production
  • No waste
  • And ultimately… Better Beer

Get a taste of what accurate yeast management can do for your business, or sample what some of the world’s leading brewers have achieved with ABER techology

At ABER Instruments we’ve spent over 25 years developing the industry-standard solution and ‘manufacturing ready’ equipment, trusted by the world’s biggest and most innovative brewing companies including Heineken, SAB Miller, AB InBev and Meantime to optimise their production process and business success.

We are using Aber Compact for two purposes at the brewery; (1) Pitching, which have given us a consistent fermentation across the various brands and (2) Harvest, using the Aber to select the optimal part of the yeast slurry increased our viability with min. 5 %.

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