The product range

From ABER Instruments’ range of brewing products and brewing equipment see the COMPACT Product Range.

The COMPACT YEAST MONITORS are designed to be used in real time with live yeast concentrations. The Online COMPACT Range includes the flagship COMPACT YEAST MONITOR, the COMPACT ADAPT and the recently released COMPACT PERFECTPITCH mobile skid. The COMPACT LAB YEAST ANALYSER is useful for speeding up lab yeast readings.

A typical COMPACT YEAST MONITOR system for online measurements would include the COMPACT YEAST MONITOR, V350 Touch Screen, and an appropriate Extension cable for your particular brewery.



I have worked alongside three generations of Aber yeast monitors spanning over two and a half decades. In my experience of looking after these instruments I have found them to be accurate and extremely reliable as part of our pitching and cropping systems resulting in optimum utilisation of yeast and consistent fermentations, and once set up they only require periodic correlation. I’ve also found Aber Instruments to be very helpful and always willing to give support if needed.

Neil Buckley

ABinbev Magor

Brewing service and support

Our team’s expertise has been developed from working closely with our customers and developing a deep understanding of their aims and challenges. Whether you have a question about a specific product, designing a solution, or want to find out more about our technology our team of expert engineers are on hand and happy to talk.