Caring… beyond measure.
The Aber Charity Fund

Doing our part to make a difference.
Now and in the future.

As an Employee Owned business, one of our key principles is ‘Stewardship’, which means we are committed to creating opportunities, security and prosperity for the people we work with, our community and the region, today and for future generations.

Which is why we established the ABER Charity Fund. It’s a way of us extending our commitment beyond our business, and distributing a portion of our profits to worthy causes in our local area. 

We believe it’s our duty to support the region and do what we can to make a positive sustainable impact the lives of people who live in our local communities.

If you work with, or know of, an eligible charity or charitable cause based in Ceredigion that could use some additional funding, please get in contact with us to see if we could help.

Employee owned

Our commitment to people and society

As an employee owned company, we have a deep-rooted belief that if everybody has a stake, then everybody cares.

Find out more about Employee Ownership and what it really means to the individuals who make us who we are.