Making it easy for Marble to brew a healthier, more consistent beer.

Marble Brewery was looking for a solution that would help them maximise their tank yields and build consistency into their fermentation programme. Aber’s industry experience along with the reliability, accuracy and consistency of yeast counting and management are what attracted the team at Marble to utilise Aber’s Perfect Pitch technology solution.

“It’s super-easy to use… you hook it up, plug it into your tank, put in the recipe and it gives us an accurate count based on the type of yeast we’re using.” says John Carroll Head Brewer.

For the brewery based in Albuquerque New Mexico, the biggest improvement has been in the reduction to fermentation time which has come down to +/- 1 to 2 days, as opposed to +/- 3 to 4 days, improving their ability to plan and to really hone in on quality.

The benefit

Marble have seen shorter and more consistent fermentation times. This has enabled them to be able to increase the number of batches of any given style of beer based on yeast performance characteristics.

They know more reliably when a batch is going to come to term, and when they are going to be able to harvest. As a result they have been able to increase the number of batches per week, per month and per year since integrating Perfect Pitch into their process.

John Heine Production Manager sums up the technical benefit: “The nice thing is that we’re getting real-time flow rate and cell counts, so we’re always monitoring the health and viability of the pitch rather than just basing this on 3 to 4 samples taken through the course of the pitch. Real time data about the cell concentration helps us be accurate with the number of cells we’re putting into each and every fermentation.”

Marble are true advocates of Aber technology, appreciating how our expertise and approach to partnering has enabled them to integrate and optimise Perfect Pitch technology into their process.

They say, “Being able to accurately and consistently pitch every time leads to more consistent fermentations, less over- or under-attenuation and generally a healthier more consistent beer product for our customers to enjoy.”