ABER brings you the new Futura pico

ABER known and trusted for its sensors that measure live cell concentrations using capacitance technology and adopted in the world’s leading bio pharmaceutical companies from R&D through to cGMP processes brings you the new FUTURApico.

The tech behind
the pico probe

The patented design (Patent no. GB2507283) of the sensor itself takes into consideration the smaller space available for measuring the live cell concentration and utilizes an innovative trapezoidal design to best apply the capacitance field within the vessel.  The sensors electrodes are positioned to maximize the current path around the tip of the probe body.


The principle of Aber’s
Cell Capacitance Technology

Cells with Intact Plasma membranes in a fermenter can be considered to act as tiny capacitors under the influence of an electric field. The non-conducting nature of the plasma membrane allows a build up of charge.

The resulting capacitance can be measured: it is dependant upon the cell type and is directly proportional to the membrane bound volume of  these viable cells.